Ubiquiti Networks is an American technology company started in 2005. Based in San Jose, California Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products with a primary focus is on under-served and emerging markets.

Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) provides a variety of high-end wireless networking products that utilize our innovative and ground-breaking wireless technology.

AirOS is the firmware maintained by Ubiquiti Networks for its products. It is Linux-based but features a modified MadWifi Linux kernel device driver for Atheros-based Wireless LAN devices, rather than the free and open source Atheros-based ath5k or ath9k drivers, the drivers accepted into the Linux kernel.

The PicoStation M2, Bullet M2/M5, NanoStation M2/M5, Rocket M2/M5, and UniFi AP models are also used as a basis for Commotion Wireless networks, with the customized Commotion software installed.