Skylane Optics is a leading provider of transceivers for optical communication. Skylane Optics has extensive experience of coding the EPROM on the transceiver and have in-house developed coding equipment/software to ensure full compatibility with the required switch/router.

This enables Skylane Optics to offer unique solutions like multi-compatibility, i.e. one specific part number that works in several different vendor platforms. The Skylane Optics transceivers are a fraction of the cost of big system vendors whilst offering the same performance and quality. Using Skylane Optics transceivers offers an easy way to save significant costs.

All Skylane Optics transceivers undergo a quality and functionality inspection control, with a full qualification process performed on new products. This includes temperature and humidity cycling, stress test, layer 1 and layer 2 traffic tests, eye diagram, power consumption and digital diagnostics monitoring calibration. In addition, the optical spectrum of coloured CWDM and DWDM transceivers is analysed to ensure there is no wavelength drift.

All transceivers are processed through Incoming Quality Control steps (IQC) as well as Outgoing Quality Control (OQC). To keep their rigorous quality standards promise, all these tests are performed at the Skylane Optics facility in Europe.

Today company covers the European and South American market with a strong partner network and have offices in Belgium, Brazil, Sweden.