SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP – complex platform, based on machine learning methods and a neural network, which is a complete AI.

Accuracy:  SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP descriptors have been trained on millions of faces from various sources and provide high accuracy under different conditions, for example, in banks, in video surveillance systems and in social networks.

Personal data protection: SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP database doesn’t store any personal data, using which it is possible to identify personality (person’s name, source of the original image, etc.). Thus, the descriptors’ data is completely impersonal.

Algorithm: During the matching, SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP compares the IDs of the new face descriptors with the IDs of descriptors, that are already stored in client database.

High-performance: SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP proprietary neural network deployment allows to process face in a few seconds. In addition, sublinear optimized search enables immediate identification of person in database, that contains tens and hundreds of millions of faces.

Scaling and tuning: SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP modules operate independently from each other. Thereby it is possible to distribute and launch the work of a large number of modules on several servers in parallel mode. In combination with other technologies, such as containerization and virtualization, it is possible to build powerful, distributed and scalable solutions.

SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP uses the RESTful Web API to exchange data and transmit commands.

The main application-level protocol is HTTP 1.1, data transfer within sessions begins with an HTTP request. As third-party systems, you can use ACS, ABS, ERP, CRM, etc., which act as gateways and redirect requests to the core of the SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP.

Using standard protocols such as HTTP to communicate with external systems and AMQP to line up the internal request queue reduces integration and maintenance costs.

SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure, for example, by distributing HTTP requests with NGINX, using an existing RabbitMQ cluster installation or alternative solutions.

Biometrics is an extremely promising form of authentication in the context of building a layered security system at enterprises of any scale.

On the basis of the SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP currently have been created 3 application modules for integration into the existing video surveillance systems, as well as the Customer access control systems:

SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP – BL – working with blacklists of visitors (Security Department)

SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP – ACS – classic access control and time tracking through biometrics (Security, HR)

SecneTelecom ™ ️FRP – MR – marketing tools, including ones used to accompany existing loyalty systems, namely counting and classifying customers by using parameters: gender, race, age, mood (Marketing Department, Sales Department)