Aruba’s NAC solution, ClearPass, provides a single RADIUS-based security and verification point for all your wired and wireless networks, applications, IoT devices, employee, contractor and guest devices.

Aruba ClearPass allows organizations to create, define and enforce a consistent access policy of what can connect to which elements of the enterprise, based on the type of device, who is using it, where and when it is being used, the type of connection and its health status.
Only Aruba ClearPass can deliver assured connectivity in a multi-vendor security and infrastructure environment. Today, more than 7,000 enterprise customers worldwide use Aruba ClearPass to ensure a more secure and productive environment.
Why Aruba ClearPass?
Identify all devices, secure access and ensure only authenticated, authorized or “healthy” devices can connect—both wired and wirelessly—regardless of network vendor.
Ensure your access control can be user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) ready—secure access, then monitor and secure usage.
Define what devices can and cannot do, and what infrastructure, applications and data they can access.
Close the gap between encrypted wireless and open-wired ports.
Unify threat and potential breach response with leading security vendors, all from a single management console.
Automate attack responses and unify threat actions with over 100 third-party security and infrastructure vendors.